Creating a Text Box

Tap the pen button to create a text box.


A blank, empty activated (red) text box is created with the text cursor waiting for input. At the bottom is the font gallery, this may be hidden underneath the virtual keyboard and it might be necessary to hide the keyboard.

The toolbar buttons change to font specific functions when a text box is active.


Active and Inactive Objects

Tapping normally selects an object, indicated by a blue border. Like this you can move, size and arrange an object within your creation. However, to work with one object at a time, it must be activated. An active object is indicated by a red border. At this time, you cannot move or resize the object, instead your tap movements act specifically on this object.

For activated (red) text boxes, tapping changes the insert point and dragging selects a portion of text. Buttons on the toolbar operate on the selected portion. It is possible to apply font, color and size to any portion of text independently rather like you can in a word processor.

A selected object is activated by tapping the check button. Newly created text boxes are automatically activated. Tap outside a box to deactivate it.

Selecting Fonts

After selecting a range of text, tap the font name in the gallery to see your highlighted text in that font. Tip: use the +/- buttons to adjust the text size while selected.



If Stvle doesn't recognise a word, it is underlined in red. Use this as a guide to possible mistakes, since Stvle doesn't have a complete dictionary. In any case, this markup will not show on any output creation.

Wait, There's More!

Whenever an object is activated, you can tap the settings button to show more. For example, you can change the color of selected text using the color swatch and hue controls.


Done Text Editing

When you're done editing text, tap anywhere outside the box to return to the main edit mode. Tap the box (blue border) to move and resize it. The text within will automatically reflow both to fit the box and around other objects.


  • Use select all, on the toolbar, if you want to change all your text at once.

  • If you accidentally delete your text, tap the toolbar undo button.

  • Select an object and hit the check button to activate it.

  • Not all fonts have italic and bold forms. Most script, handwriting and decorative fonts have only one form.

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