The object connector makes assembling objects in a creation really easy. To demonstrate, let's accessorize our duck...


Put the duck at a convenient place and, from the face art gallery, select your mustache. The mustache is vector art so, using the box corner reticule, resize and squash the shape to fit. Then place the artwork over the duck in the correct position.


  • When positioning using fingers, sometimes it's hard to see exactly whats happening. Instead, try moving the duck under the mustache.


Once in position, and while the mustache is selected, tap the link button. The link connector binds the selected object to whatever is underneath it (our duck, here).

Once linked, the objects will stay together, whenever moved or sized. You can either size the duck or the mustache, in both cases, the creation will scale together. The link connector allows you to construct one piece at a time.


In exactly the same way, put on the monocle, top-hat and bow-tie. If you place things in the wrong order, eg. the monocle is in front of the tie, use the front & back toolbar buttons to re-order. eg bring the bow tie to the front.



  • You can unlink connected objects by selecting and tapping the link button again.

  • The front & back buttons operate on the whole link set, so sometimes you might need to unlink, bring to front and re-link.

  • Linked objects can still be individually selected. This allows object properties to be set while linked.
Adding a Speech Bubble

The object connector is the way to create good speech bubbles. Once the text is linked to the bubble, the text will automatically size and move with the bubble.

If you haven't already done so, it might be worth reading the "Quickstart, Working with Text" section.

Create a text box, enter your text and make the size easy to work (we can change the final size later). Also add a speech bubble.


Resize and position the text box over the bubble. You might need to bring the text box to front. Once over the bubble, select link to bind the text to the bubble. Bring the duck back to size and, by selecting the bubble, move and resize the bubble & text combo to the final size and position.


For final touches, colorize the text as follows; tap the text box, activate it with the check button (red border), select settings (font panel changes to settings). Then, for the bubble, add a shadow as follows; tap the bubble, activate with the check button, select "shadow".


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